Carmen Hackmann

Director of Sales & Marketing

Photo of Carmen Hackmann Photo by Alexander Gloeckner
Carmen Hackmann
Director of Sales & Marketing
I am an open-minded, ambitious, enthusiastic, quick, organised hospitality professional with a… more

I am an open-minded, ambitious, enthusiastic, quick, organised hospitality professional with a sense of humour. I work well and responsibly under pressure, effectively as a team member and able and happy to take the lead and responsibility where appropriate and necessary. Able to deal with challenges and opportunities whilst considering all options with an open mind before making a decision. Curious, eager to learn, to explore and to teach!


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being part of the Travel Industry. It is a people business, where people work with and for people to create experiences and memories. It is a business where we have to communicate with and to each other. It is a service business and if someone gets this service right, you will never forget how good that was. Never forget this feeling of being totally understood and looked after. And if you listen, understand and do what you said you will do, it is a very easy industry to work and succeed in.


having come to where I am today. Through hard work, dedication, interest and enjoying what I do, I now get work in a fabolous luxury hotel. I can meet people from all over the world because it is much job to meet them. I get to travel to many parts of this world to spread the word about the hotel I work for and the city I live in. I get to work with like minded people who all love this industry, are open minded and like working in a team. We get to evolve as the industry changes and develops, we get opportunities to grow and try different parts of this business and we no day is like another as we never now who we will talk to today and what will come our way.


having said yes to this opportunity I was recently given. The Managing Director of our company asked me about six months ago, if I would want to go on a task force project to our sister hotel in Montenegro for three months until the new General Manager starts. At first I thought he made a mistake and meant someone else, then I got scared and then I said yes. I am so happy I did give it a try. This journey has been a little emotional rollercoaster for me. It started with having to let go of "my" Berlin Hotel for a while, to self-doubt (can I really do this?), to excitement about living in a Mediterranean country for the winter, to fear if the team does not like or accept me, to being scared of failure, to boosting my self-esteem and proving to myself that I can actually take on a challenge and rise to it. And I believe I did okay...

Director of Sales & Marketing
Regent Berlin, Berlin
2011/12 - present
Lead, develop, guide, oversee and excuted the Sales & Marketing activities of a luxury hotel
Interim General Manager
Regent Porto Montenegro
2017/12 - 2018/03
Function as the primary strategic business leader of the property
Director of Sales & Marketing
Schlosshotel Kronberg, Frankfurt
2011/04 - 2011/11
Lead, develop, guide, oversee and excuted the Sales & Marketing activities of a luxury hotel
Assistant Director of Sales
Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, Frankfurt
2010/02 - 2011/03
Deputy Department Head Sales & Marketing. Responsibility to generate, maintain and exceed budgeted revenues of existing and new clients, Specific key clients and segments (Finance, Fashion) in the German market as well as clients from all segments in the UK & US market.
Director MICE Key Accounts UK
Steigenberger Hotels AG, London
2007/08 - 2010/01
Responsible for the MICE Segment, looking after all 82 Steigenberger Hotels within the portfolio for all meetings business booked out of the UK
various positions
Thistle & Guoman Hotels
2004/06 - 2007/08
Working in various roles in Meetings & Events Sales for Thistle & Gouman Hotels
Groups Coordinator
Kempinski Hotels & Resorts
2002/06 - 2004/06
Coordinating all MICE requests from the London RSO to all Kempinski Hotels worldwide
Hotel & Catering College, Leipzig
1999/09 - 2002/08
Graduated from Hotel & Catering College


Role: Writer

AnotherFineStory is my little diary about Travelling, Fashion & Berlin.